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Q: Do Room Packages and Wristbands have an age restriction?


A: Must be 21+ to enter hotel and/or all events.  Any persons under 21+ will be removed from the premises.


Q: Are payment plans available?


A: Payment Plans are available for Krave Spring Break room packages until March 1, 2020. If you would like to use the payment plan, please click here for more information.   We require a 30% deposit to reserve a room. If you opt to take advantage of the payment plan, you will be automatically charged the same day of the month as your deposit, and the number of payments owed for your package will depend on the date of your original purchase.


Q: I will not have the credit card that was used to purchase my wristband/package. What do I need to do to be able to check-in and/or pick up my tickets?


A: Wristbands and packages are available for pick-up during the designated WILL CALL hours. We ask that you please bring your confirmation emails as well as your identification.  ID must match name of original purchaser. Be prepared to verify your billing and email address.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking passes only be administered to registered hotel guests with a limit of one (1) parking pass per room.  Hotel parking lot is only for vehicles with parking pass. Your parking pass will be provided to you during the check in process.  You must visibly display parking pass on dashboard. Vehicles that fail to display parking pass may be towed at owner’s expense.


Q: We have more than one vehicle.  Where else is parking permitted?

A: There is public parking surrounding the hotel.  Please be sure to check all posted signs to confirm parking is permitted.


Q: I just arrived!  Where do I go first?

A: Welcome to Krave Spring Break!!  Upon entering the lobby of the hotel, you will find our WILL CALL table.  Please proceed to WILL CALL with your identification (must match original purchaser name) to receive your wristband(s) and guest verification.  NOTE:  If you bought more than one wristband, all persons must be present at WILL CALL as only a KSB staff member can apply a wristband.  All guests must be over the age of 21 to receive a wristband.

Q: I purchased a weekend room package.  How do I check into my room?

A: You must stop at WILL CALL table to get guest verification prior to checking into your room.  Once you have been verified, you can continue to hotel check-in desk in the lobby.

Q: What does “Will Call” mean?


A: WILL CALL is the list of guests who have purchased a Krave Spring Break Room Package, Weekend Passes and/or Individual Event Tickets through our website. The name on our will call list will match the name on the credit card used to purchase the package. WILL CALL table will be located at the Hotel Zoso lobby.  Here, guests will need pick up their wristbands and check-in verification.

Q: What times is "Will Call" table open?

A: Hours for Krave Spring Break 2020 WILL CALL are as follows:

  • 12pm - 6pm    (Fri)

  •  9pm - 1am     (Fri)

  • 11am - 6pm     (Sat & Sun)

  •  9pm - 1am     (Sat & Sun)

Q: I will be arriving late night or early morning and WILL CALL will be closed.  How do I check in to my room?

A:  If you will be arriving to hotel outside of WILL CALL hours, you will need to notify us in advance.  Please contact us at 1-424-215-1272 with details of your arrival to help facilitate your room check-in.

Q: Are room upgrades available?

A: Room upgrades are not available through our website.  However, if you would like to upgrade your room type, please contact us directly via email ( or call us at 1-424-215-1272 to confirm availability and upgrade pricing. Guests are responsible for confirming all details and paying for all associated upgrade charges.


Q: Can I add additional nights to my Hotel Package?

A: Please contact us at 1-424-215-1272 or email us at to request availability. Our hotel team will work to combine your stay. Please note: these requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Q: Can more than two people stay in a hotel room?


A: Hotel occupancy is based on the package that we sell, for either 2 - 8 guests. We cannot allow additional persons above the package occupancy to occupy the rooms.


Q: Can our room be next to our friends? Can they be connected?

A: Please contact our KSB Team after purchasing and we will do our best to put you next to, or as close as possible, your friends. Connecting rooms are rare, but we will do our best. Please have both your and your friend’s order numbers with you when you call.


Q: Can we check in early to the hotel? Will the hotel hold our bags if our room isn’t ready? I want to get to the party ASAP!


A: Standard hotel check-in times apply across all of our hotels. Hotel check in time is not guaranteed until  4pm. We have communicated with our host hotel, Hotel Zoso, and they have assured us that they will do everything in their power to get our rooms in as early as possible. It is unlikely that a hotel check-in would occur prior to 12pm. If you would like to head to the festivities before your room is ready for check in, the hotel will gladly hold your luggage until 4pm.

Q: Will all events take place at the hotel?

A: Yes!  All pool and night parties will take place at Hotel Zoso.  No need to worry about driving or ubering!

Q: My friend is arriving before me, could she get in the room before I arrive?


A: You will need to add your friend’s name to your room reservation so that they are able to check into the room when they arrive to the hotel. Your friend will be able to get a room key, however you will still need to personally visit us at WILL CALL to collect all wristbands and complete check-in verification.  In order for your friend to get in the room, they will need to bring a color photocopy of the original purchaser’s valid photo ID, a photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the package, as well as a signed note from you authorizing access to hotel room. They will need to present these items at WILL CALL only.  Please contact our team for further assistance at or by phone at 1-424-215-1272.

Q: My friend would like to get her wristband before I arrive to check-in.  Could she check-in and leave my wristbands for me at will call?

A: As the original purchaser, only you can pick up all wristbands.  

Q: The Hotel Package was purchased as a gift. How does the recipient receive the elements of the package if I will not be there?

A: In order to accommodate this, the original purchaser must contact us at 1-424-215-1272 or to authorize an alternate pick-up person.  In order for pick-up to be accomodated, they will need to bring a color photocopy of the original purchaser’s valid photo ID, a photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the package, as well as a signed note from purchaser authorizing access to hotel room. They will need to present these items at WILL CALL only.  Please contact our team for further assistance at or by phone at 1-424-215-1272.

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